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Crop Models

No matter if you need an in-season short term forecast or a long-term projection, our crop models can provide you with realistic predictions. Our models are powered by the BioMa framework and include phenology, water usage, agromanagement, pests & diseases, and emission modelling.

Artificial Intelligence Models

Take your precision farming projects to the next level with our AI models trained on extensive datasets curated by our agronomists. Predict crop maturity, identify pests, integrate your data, and much more.

Access to Big Data

We are activating APIs to access to our historical agricultural data archives and to our long term simulation scenarios as well. Compare your data with ours and discover trends and anomalies, or use them to develop new data products.

A Digital Agriculture toolbox for Italy

Italian Agriculture has several characteristics that make it unique: a formidable biodiversity, local and traditional cultivars, and a focus on product quality rather than quantity.

We provide the developers of Digital Agriculture solutions with state of the art tools tailored for the Italian territory and able to fit its wealth of crops, soils, and climatic zones. Join our developer community and start integrating our tools into your applications.

Our toolbox is ever-evolving and is constantly growing to fit the needs of farmers and the challenges posed by climate change and market demands.


Why a Developer Hub

Digital Agriculture has undergone a rapid evolution in recent times, and nowadays has a wealth of involved actors and stakeholders in both reasearch and business. CREA, the leading Italian institution in agricultural research, has activated, on behalf of MIPAAFT, the Agridigit project to transfer to external stakeholders tools and expertise accumulated over the years, fostering the development of Digital Agriculture on the Italian territory.

As a research institution, CREA's dissemination effort includes publications on a broad spectrum of journals, magazines, and websites, as well as the development of case studies with agricultural companies and associations, and now it is time to broaden it by including a channel specifically designed for software developers.

We believe that software developers are essential actors in the development and implementation of Digital Agriculture and that their contribution to the field will be more and more important over the next years, so it is vital for us to involve them in the Agridigit project and empower them with the means to create high quality products for farmers and agronomists.


APIs for Developers

There already are countless Web portals that distribute maps, reports, and other documents for policy makers, decision makers, and executives... But how about services and machine readable data products?  How about researchers and practitioners that need data and tools to interpret that data?

RESTful APIs are an industry standard that can be easily integrated into virtually any software product and we believe they are the ideal building block for real world, powerful, and well engineered applications.

All the tools provided in this portal are shipped as RESTful APIs and they are the very same tools CREA researchers use in their daily studies and experiments. Getting access to state of the art Digital Agriculture tools requires only a quick registration and subscribing to one of our Products.


Become a Partner

We have ongoing partnerships with organizations that develop and use digital agriculture products built on top of our APIs. Our partners have a broader access to our services, support by our developers and reserchears, and can request new services and features to be implemented.

Contact us to discover how to enter our partnership program.

Our Partners

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Take your time to explore the APIs hereby provided, but keep in mind that we have much more to offer to research organizations, farmers, and start-ups who enter our partnership programs. 

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